Sino-Micro Symposium 2012


 Sino-Micro Symposium 2012
 June 15-16, 2012
 Chancellor Hotel on Union Square

 Sino-Micro Symposium 2012


Chancellor Hotel on Union Square

433 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94102


June 15-16, 2012


Day 1, June 15


The Clipper Ship Room



Buffet Dinner



Business Meeting

Coordinator: Wenyuan Shi



1.   Introduce board of directors and executive team

2.   Association registration report

3.   Association membership report

4.   Association financial report

5.   Discuss and pass by law

6.   International meeting involvement: China, Taiwan

7.   HOME Program

8.   Guest greetings (Taiwan Society of Microbiology, ASM Chinese Ambassadors)

9.   Free discussion

How to develop super collaborative projects among us

How to seek alternative funding sources other than state and federal agencies

How to protect your IP and develop your own companies…

10.     President summary and future actions


Day 2, June 16


The Clipper Ship Room



Section 1: Host Response and Mechanism of Infection (20 minutes per speaker)

Coordinators: Frank Yang and Chuanwu Xi


1.   Frank Yang, “Pathogenesis of the vector-borne diseases.”

2.   Jizhong (Joe) Zhou, “A novel microarray for measuring microbiota.”

3.   Fengxia Qi, "Differential response of Streptococcus mutans towards friend and foe in mixed species biofilms."

4.   Chuanwu Xi, “Extracellular ATP in bacterial biofilm formation and pathogenesis.”

5.   Benfang Lei, “Innate immune evasion by Group A Streptococcus.”

6.   Speaker from Taiwan Society for Microbiology, topic TBA






Section 2: Gene Regulation in Pathogens (20 minutes per speaker)

Coordinators: Qijing Zhang and Yiping Weng Han


1.   Qijing Zhang, “Emergence of a highly pathogenic clone of Campylobacter in the United States.”

2.   Jun Zhu, "Is bacterial genetic retooling during Vibrio cholerae infection?"

3.   Wenyuan Shi, “War and peace within microbial communities.”

4.   Jun Lin: Ferric enterobactin iron acquisition in Campylobacter.”

5.   Yiping Weng Han, “Fusobacterium nucleatum: an emerging commensal-turned pathogen.”

6.   Hua Wang, “Organism and Society: both sides of the microbial world.”



Lunch Roundtable Discussion: How to enhance Sino-Micro scientific network? Coordinators: Joe Zhou and Hua Wang



Section 3: Translational Research in Infectious Diseases (20 minutes per speaker)

Coordinators: Yi-Wei Tang and Yongqun "Oliver" He


1.   Huizhou Fan, “TA32, a novel transcription activator and a potential therapeutic target for the sexually transmitted pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis.”

2.   Yongqun "Oliver" He, “Bioinformatics applications in translational research in infectious diseases.”

3.   Mingtao Zeng, “Universal influenza vaccine development.”

4.   Pingsheng Liu, “Study of prokaryotic lipid droplets for metabolic diseases and biofuel.”

5.   Yi-Wei Tang, “Translational researches in assessment of Clostridium difficile infections.”

6.   Michelle Qiu Carter, “Stress fitness and virulence of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli: a role of bacterial individuality.